1. Guides and How-To's
  2. Creating the POST callback endpoint

1. Expose a POST endpoint in your backend

Expose a POST endpoint (preferable ending with /telematica-callback) in you backend, which will receive callbacks.

Enable CORS for the endpoint

Don’t forget to enable CORS for the endpoint to accept callback information.

2. Configure your backend

Configure your backend to save user-to-vehicle mapping in your database when a POST call comes in from Telematica on the above endpoint.

You can expect the POST request body to follow this schema:

  "user": "userid_in_your_database", // user-id in your database, passed as query-param in first step
  "vehicles": [
      "vehicleId": "6ac03024a2b0fa158a16743f04fbbdd8", // vehicleId in Telematica's database
      "vin": "5YJ3E7EB1LFXXXXXX",
      "make": "TESLA", 
      "model":"Model 3",
      "year": 2021,
      "registration": "GJ02QB2457" // Vehicle registration (only for Indian vehicles)
      // Second vehicle, in case the user selected multiple vehicles to be paired
      "vehicleId": "4f360b8044a852bac0db3f12a7610adf",
      "vin": "3MW5P9J03N8CXXXXX",
      "make": "BMW",
      "model":"330e x-Drive",
      "year": 2021,
      "registration": "MP09AS1322"

For EU and US regions

The registration field will not be included in the callback for regions other than India. You can call the /static-attributes endpoint to get more info about the vehicle once it’s connected to your app.

3. Share the endpoint with Telematica

Share the endpoints you’ve created with us over Email. Also share the authentication token for endpoint if you have any.


Why is there a callback endpoint?

Once the end user logs in with their OEM credentials, we make a callback to your backend to pass on the information to your backend.

The information shared includes vehicleId in our database, vehicle’s registration number and userId in your database to map it to.

Sample POST request for testing

Here is a sample cURL request:

curl --location --request POST 'https://yourapp.com/api/telematica-callback' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer QOkDgC532UGa9pK3L0a' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
  "user": "6141ab3b216714547b09815f",
  "vehicles": [
      "registration": "MP09AS3987",
      "id": "61fe4a188a4c4d1ef9ba0b62"

Can I add an authentication token to the POST endpoint?

Sure. Please make sure your backend accepts the token in following header format:

--header 'Authorization: Bearer QOkDgC532UGa9pK3L0a'

Can I make different endpoints for different environments (dev, stage, prod) ?

Yes. Telematica will hit the prod endpoint by default if no special query parameter is present.

To indicate Telematica to make callback on any other endpoint, please add a callbackUrl parameter in the consent UI url :


In case you have any other queries / suggestions regarding this, please contact us directly on Email