Vehicle connection states

Description of states for Vehicle State and Get updated vehicle state endpoint. It is recommended to read the state field in the response first, and then proceed with reading data / taking action as appropriate.

StateState descriptionAction from developer
ACTIVEConnection to the device is established and functioning correctly.-
DISCONNECTEDAccount disconnected because user revoked tokens or changed password. Please reconnect the device using Connect flow.Redirect the user to Connect UI
ACCOUNT_RATE_LIMITEDDaily API calls quota to vendor exceeded. The data will update when rate limits are lifted.Try again in some time
DEVICE_DISCONNECTEDDevice disconnected from the account. Please reconnect the device using Connect flow.Permanently delete device from systems
PARTIAL_OPERATIONConnection to the device is established but partial data was received from the device. Some data might be outdated. Please refer lastUpdated field to check validity of data.Check userActions field in response, if any.
UNKNOWN_ERRORSomething went wrong while processing data in our servers. Our team has been notified and we'll resolve this soon.-