Reliable Commands

Issue commands to a vehicle, reliably and efficiently


Simply "fire and forget" the command to our system - and we take care of the rest.
This includes retrying the command if necessary, monitoring the progress of command execution, and performing sanity checks.

Once the command has been successfully executed, Telematica will send a webhook callback to inform you of the outcome.
If the execution cannot be confirmed or if the command fails, we will still send you a callback with the relevant information.

Command States

Additionally, after issuing a command, you can query the state of execution of a command at any time.
Here are some verbose states you might see:

  • "Sending command to vendor"
  • "Command sent to vendor, waiting for vendor status API to reflect result"
  • "Result confirmed"
  • "Result cannot be confirmed in time"
  • "Command failed due to following reason: {reason}"

You can find the full list of states and their encoding in the Commands API documentation.

How it works

Under the hood, we orchestrate multiple systems of Telematica APIs to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency.


Use cases

Some sample use cases are:

  1. Start / stop charging
  2. Lock / unlock doors
  3. HVAC commands (e.g. turn on AC, set temperature)