Connect UI Params

Consent UI enable your users to securely provide consent to their EV data to you. You can use the following information to build a customized url and redirect your customer to it

Base URL

This is the entry point to consent UI from your app.

Query Params


App-id for your app


User-id of user in your database


One of vehicle, charger, hvac, inverter, battery. Defaults to vehicle.


Brand of the device, if known beforehand. This will skip the brand selection screen

callbackUrl (deprecated)

This param is deprecated and will be dropped soon. Please use the callbackEnv param instead.


One of dev, stage, prod.
If multiple callback urls are registered with Telematica, this param will dictate where the webhook event for user.devices-connected will be sent.

If your app has only 1 endpoint registered, you can ignore this param.
If your app has multiple endpoints registered, leaving this empty will send events to all endpoints.
If your app has multiple endpoints registered, and the value of this param is valid, the event will be sent to endpoint corresponding to your chosen environment.

Note: Callback URLs must be registered with Telematica beforehand. For more details contact us


URL (or URI) where we will redirect the end user using webview browser redirect. This will typically be an app URL (yourApp://somepage).

The following values from current session will be appended to the URL as query param:

  • devices : A string with comma separated values of the devices connected in current session
  • deviceType: The device type of devices connected in current session


One of EU, US or IN. This will show only the supported device models on brand-selection page.


SiteId of the device in your database. This will be forwarded to you in the callback. A site is an abstraction at Telematica level to represent group of devices (EV, charger, HVAC and solar inverter) in single location that should be controlled together.


Site name of the device in your database. This will be forwarded to you in the callback.


All query params with key starting with prefix of metadata_ are pass through params. These will be passed as-is to the callback you receive on device connection success.


Subset of brands you want to show to you user in brand-selection screen.
Sample usage :<appId>&user=<userId>&brandSubset=TESLA&brandSubset=BMW&brandSubset=AUDI


Brands that you want to exclude from the brand-selection screen.
Sample usage :<appId>&user=<userId>&excludeBrand=TESLA&excludeBrand=BMW&excludeBrand=AUDI


Turn this flat to true if you want the end user to be able to only connect a single device in a session.
Sample usage :<appId>&user=<userId>&singleDeviceSelection=true