1. The new erroredKeys field

    • Added the field erroredKeys to provide pinpointed errors in individual fields, if any. Developers can now retrieve specific error details related to individual endpoints. This change is currently rolled out for Get vehicle state and Get updated vehicle state endpoints.
  2. Error Handling Documentation:

    • The error handling documentation has been updated to include details of all error codes. It now also specifies the error codes that require changes from the developer's side and those that require user actions.
  3. Vehicle Connection States:

  • Developers can refer to this resource to understand the various states and their meanings

Please refer to the updated documentation for more information on the changes and improvements made to the APIs.


  • The field battery-state is now updated to batteryState for the Get updated vehicle state API call to maintain consistency. This change is non-breaking, and no action is required from developers' end.